Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's This All About?

Hey, everyone, it's cowgirl4christ. I'm here to explain what this new blog,, is all about.
I am a huge music fan. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have music in my life. I usually find myself drawn in by lyrics, but, being the band geek that I am, I am able to appreciate a good melody or harmony. And when you get an artist or band who can really
I dedication to my obsession with everything musical, I've created At first, I wanted it to be a collection of my favorite songs, lyrics & artists, but then I thought, "Why should it just be my opinion?" That was when I invited my two best friends, lil'emo and Reno, to contribute their own ideas & opinions to this blog as well. Right now the invitation is still pending, but I hope they both accept and voice their musical opinions here.
But what is this blog all about?
Basically, it's a chance for me and my friends to let the world know what we think about music. If we hear a new song on the radio that we just can't get enough of, we can talk about it here; we could post the lyrics or a link to a music video, and talk about what it is we like about the song. Or, if there's a group out there we just can't stand, we can write about it here as well; there's sure to be interesting controversy. If we were feeling creative one day, we could even post lyrics for a song we wrote ourselves for the world wide web to read. There really is no limit to what we could write here, as long as, in the end, it all ties back to music.
I don't know how this will turn out; it may be a thriving success, or it may just end up being a collection or random thoughts. I understand that my friends - and even myself, at times - have better things to do than post to a blog. Even so, I hope that, if nothing else, boredom may influence me & my friends to post something.
So, this is the first post. What's next? I guess we'll find out soon enough.



Love Always Reno said...

Hey sounds awesome but PLEASE don't post your own lyrics up here, I can just imagine reading your amazng words and then hearing some new Lindsey Lohan wannabe singing them all over the radio the next day, what's on the internet is fair game.

cowgirl4christ said...

That's an extremelly good point...hadnt thought about that yet :)