Sunday, November 25, 2007

Enrique & Celine - Coincidence???

Reno recently introduced me to the music of Enrique Iglesias, and although I haven't heard much of his music yet, I must say what I have heard has me hooked. He is an amazing vocalist and his lyrics are beautiful. I really can't wait to hear more from this amazing artist; at this time, my favorite of his songs include Somebody's Me, Tired of Being Sorry, Escape, and Hero.
However, the main purpose of this post isn't entirely about Enrique. The first time I ever heard Enrique's Somebody's Me, I had an instant, strong deja-vu; his voice reminded me so much of somebody else's!
His inflections and the passion in his voice was very similar to one of my favorite vocalists, Celine Dion. I asked Reno if she thought the same thing, and she agreed; the two sounded very similar. My sister's response, however, was the one that proved me and Reno weren't the only two who thought this. I was playing Somebody's Me on the computer, and my sister suddenly looked up and asked "Wait...why is a guy singing Taking Chances?!"
It's true; these two songs sound eerily similar. Take a look - er, listen - for yourself.

I was reluctant to post the music video for Somebody's Me on a blog where anyone could see it because the video is not exactly "kid friendly" ;) So, instead, please click here to hear a thirty second preview of the song. This actually worked out nicely, because those thirty seconds are exactly the part of the song that reminds us of Taking Chances; the first few lines of the chorus, specifically (somebody wants you / somebody needs you / somebody dreams about you every single night).

Celine's video is one I could post. However, I could not find the official video in a version I could embed onto this blog, so I had to settle for a different video, with the same song.
Now, pay close attention; after listening to the chorus of Somebody's Me, see if it reminds you at all of the first chorus of Taking Chances (what do you say to taking chances / what do you say to jumping off the edge)...

Creepy, huh???
Even if these two songs sound eerily similar, there is no doubt that both Enrique and Celine are outstanding artists with their own unique styles. And I have to say, I am now a fan of them both.