Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Don't Believe Me"-Steven Lufkin

Well, I do have to admit that I am slightly biased when posting this 'cause I know the artist lol.

But really, you have to hear this kid play!
My friend Sasha told me that he was playing in July, and I've been hooked ever since. He's only 15 years old!

Steven is a great musician. He plays a mean guitar, like crazy Jimmy Hendrix style solos, but he also writes beautiful acoustic songs. The amazing thing...he's only been playing guitar for two years!!!

I want to share his song "Don't Believe Me" from last night's show. This is my favorite of his songs...definitely hit single material.
It makes me think of a newer, happier version of My Chem's "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)", not in terms of sound really, but the lyrics and overall feel of the song.

"I'm in the car driving north on the highway
If I was in control I'd have things my way
Don't believe me when I say I'm Okay
Don't Believe me when I say I understand..."

Anyway, check out his myspace. He's got quite a few songs recorded and up on the page. Including the recorded version of "Don't Believe Me".

So here's the live video from last night! Haha you can hear the audience (myself included) singing along...sorry 'bout that!

Don't Believe Me (Live @ Village Coffee Roastery)-Steven Lufkin


cowgirl4christ said...

aww, that's really pretty. i like it a lot. his style is great; kinda melancholy cheerful.
i've heard you talk about this guy on your blog but haven't listened to his stuff yet.
i'll keep an eye out for him ;)

Amy said...

Yeah. I LOVE that song.
Haha I felt bad 'cause you couldn't hear him as well in the chorus 'cause we were all singing along >///<

Yes, definately do. He's sure to have a great career in this later on!

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