Monday, October 13, 2008

Metro Station - "Metro Station"

I enjoy listening to Metro Station much more than I would have ever anticipated.
I got a chance to listen to their debut album (Metro Station, released in 2007) for the first time recently and I must say, I am highly impressed. Their songs are made for the dance floor, with an irresistible beat and just the right touch of character. A few passionate lyrics thrown in make the tracks relate-able without losing their memorable charm.
So, maybe Metro Station isn't about making a statement or changing the world. These boys just want to get out and have some fun; and man, they're doing it, in a big way. While they may lack the depth of some other chart-topping artists, this band's free spirit and wild side keep them ahead of the rest.
Here's an album review for Metro Station's first studio effort.

Metro Station - Metro Station (2007)

1. Seventeen Forever - A good, solid track to start off the album. Slower through the verses and picking up in the chorus, this one follows a theme that seems to be a constant through Metro Station's debut; a song about young love and living for the moment ("We won't be seventeen forever, and we can get away with this tonight"). A really pleasant song to listen to; it just has a good vibe about it.
2. Control - The second track starts off with a quiet keyboard part before breaking out into a catchy dance beat. A little faster than the preceding track, this one is sexy and is just begging to be played in a dance club somewhere.
3. Kelsey - Such a soft, sweet track. An ode to one lover from another, it's one of those plain, honest love songs that just makes you feel good. The keyboard dominates this track, but in a simpler form than in others on the album. Everything about this song is just nice; it's simplicity is what makes this song great.
4. Shake It - Everybody's favorite, no? The fourth track on this album hit major mainstream success, topping charts across the country. With such an undeniable beat, it's got people on the dance floor all over the place. This one can't be beat for a bunch of teens - or older, perhaps - who just want to get out and have some fun for a night.
5. Wish We Were Older - Slowing it down a bit for track five, Metro Station puts a little more passion in this track without losing their dance club vibe. Again, seductive lyrics mask a message that may run a little bit deeper. The hook in the chorus makes you want to get up and move, while the bittersweet lyrics and overall vibe of the song keep you digging deeper into this track.
6. Now That We're Done - Again, a softer keyboard supports this track throughout. Like the track previous, Metro Station puts a passionate spin on a catchy dance beat to make a truly interesting listen. The repetitive, techno-style chorus is unforgettable. This track is one of my favorites on the album.
7. True To Me - The guitars pick up to give this track a little more of a pop-rock vibe than the rest of the album. A keyboard, however, still pounds out a catchy theme during the choruses, in which the lyrics and style screams pop. Not the strongest track on the album, but still fun all the same. The lyrics are sweet.
8. Tell Me What To Do - This track opens up strong, with a hook that keeps you tapping your toes all the way through. Again, lover's lyrics flow seamlessly over the staccato beat to produce a song that's really got more to offer than you realize the first time you listen. Another one of my favorites on the album; the bridge may be my favorite part.
9. California - Possibly the weakest track on the album, in my opinion. This song screams "spring break road trip"; not only in the lyrics, but in the pop-y, fast-paced beat and carefree vibe. A fun song to listen to, but definitely not one of my favorites.
10. Disco - Metro Station wraps it up with the third track which I put on my list of album favorites. This track just seems very well composed overall; a perfect use of different instrumental and vocal parts compliment each other beautifully. I like how they break away from the dance beat for a moment in the chorus of this song; it gives the whole track a very special presence. The lyrics tie together a gorgeous song to end the band's debut.

Even though I'm not a huge fan of this style of music, Metro Station has combined the styling of several different genres to create songs - and a debut album! - that really appeals to me. If Metro Station sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to check out the following links.

Check out Metro Station's website to learn more about the band.

The lyrics for all the songs on the debut album and more can be found on this website.

In an effort to broaden your horizons past the ever-popular Shake It, I'm going to post a music video for another of Metro Station's fun, upbeat tracks. I think the video represents the song perfectly, as well as what this band's music really stands for - all the wacky, crazy times Metro Station thrives on.
Here's Control by Metro Station.

Metro Station - Control Official Music Video


Amy said...

I've read a lot about metro station but have never gotten around to listening.
I can't wait to see that video!

Anonymous said...

hej nie rozumiem co tam pisze ale ten zespol jest fajny!!!!!

MyOwnMusicWorld said...

Really good review!! I love Metro Station and this review definitley did them justice :]