Saturday, January 2, 2010

Then & Now - Haste the Day

Haste the Day
Then ...

I owe a lot to this band, in a way. Haste the Day was the first Christian metal band which I started listening to consistently, and therefore I give them credit for introducing me to my now-favorite genre. When I first introduced this band to the readers of, I shared with them the track Stitches, a lovely representation of what this band was made of. I found myself heartbroken by the truth in their lyrics, and at the same time empowered by the strength of their artistry and the passion in their words. This track showcased some of my favorite things about this band while also allowing me my first taste of a fascinating genre.

... & Now.

I didn't realize just how much more this band was capable of until I started exploring more of their work. Stitches was and is still a beautiful track - and is still one of my favorites by this band -, but it is but just a glimpse into Haste the Day's complex and impressive discography. Haste the Day flawlessly combine their worship with their art, wrapping their passionate lyrics in brutal vocals and emotionally charged instrumentals. They deliver a powerful message in each and every track, and offer through their albums a journey for listeners, a fast-paced adventure into our own emotions and experiences. Having the pleasure of having purchased both When Everything Falls (2005) and Pressure the Hinges (2007), I have discovered in Haste the Day traits I admire so much in a band; not only talent, but passion and purpose as well. At the same time, I have also discovered some of my favorite aspects in music, and in doing so allowed myself to form a passion for a genre I was previously unacquainted to.

Haste the Day's latest album, Dreamer, was released in 2008. The band spent most of 2009 on tour all across the world, and are finally slowing down their tour schedule as we begin the new year. The band is scheduled to play on the Van's Warped Tour in Summer 2010.

I'm going to share with you the music video for Man Man, a single off of the album Dreamer. This song definitely showcases the band's strengths; proving that, despite changes that have overcome the band in current years, this band is dedicated and committed to their work and their worship. In order to fully appreciate this track - as well as others by the band - I encourage you to look up their song lyrics; listening to these powerful songs, while gaining the full impact of their beautifully written lyrics, creates as a whole one breathtaking experience.

Hopefully, I'll have my hands on Dreamer in due time, and am looking forward to my chance to see Haste the Day perform in my area sometime soon. Until then, I'll keep my eye on any new releases from this band, as well as walking through the door this band has opened for me and exploring further the realm of Christian metal.

Haste the Day - Mad Man Official Music Video

Haste The Day - Mad Man

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▲my• said...

I loved hearing "Stitches" when you first posted it, and now am really pumped to look into more of their other stuff!