Monday, July 7, 2008


Most people (including myself) that have heard of Freezepop have heard of them through games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
When I first played "Less Talk More Rokk" on guitar hero two (other than thinking about how hard the song was to beat lol) I thought it was one of the happiest poppy songs I'd heard in the longest time, and I really wanted to find more out about Freezepop. So I went to my library, which has every CD imaginable, and yes they had Freezepop!
I immediately checked out "Fancy Ultra Fresh" and "Freezepop Forever", falling even more in love with the up tempo synth-pop. I don't think it's possible to listen to these guys and keep a bad mood.
Liz Enthusiasm's vocals are nice and low-key but add such a sweet sound to the energetic keyboard and synth boards of The Other Sean T. Drinkwater and The Duke Of Candied Apples. Lol yes those are the names the members of Freezepop go by. Fun huh?

I encourage the purchase of any and all of their albums/EPs/re-mixes. They all have their own feel, yet are still distinctly Freezepop.

Freezepop is two parts Synth-pop, one part Popsicle, and all the neon colored soda in the world.

Songs you should check out:
Duct Tape My Heart
Tenisu No Boifurendo
Plastic Stars
Bike Thief
I Am Not Your Gameboy

I can assure you that Freezepop will make any day a summer day, and that from the moment you press "play" you'll feel like you're at a beach party with a frozen lemonade.


Less Talk More Rokk: