Thursday, July 31, 2008


When I was going through my all-Freezepop faze I started looking into similar artists. Bands with synth-pop/techno sounds to them while still keeping a definite rock background. I stumbled across Ladytron in the process, and fell in love with their CD "Witching Hour". Specifically the song "Soft Power".

There's something about their sound, haunting, calming, beautiful. I loved Helen Marnie's vocals from the get-go. Very quiet, yet strong and elegant at the same time.
This album is incredibly easy to listen to, at any time. It's music that can be the background to anything, or can be intently listened to.

There's something about what they've done with the synth/electro genre that transcends genres, making the band simply "Ladytron" and harder to describe in words than just that. You really have to listen to them to get the full effect.

What I found so compelling about "Soft Power" was the whole downplay of the electro sound. It's there, and it's the whole backbone of the song, but it's hard to pinpoint. They've developed this sound that doesn't sound real. Something mythical it's quite great. The song really peaks at Helen's vocalization in the middle. That same calming/haunting sound I described earlier.

Really a wonderful band. Below is Ladytron performing "Soft Power" live in the studio.

Soft Power:


Savy said...

Weird. It was pretty cool actually, just not my type of music :) Take no offense!