Saturday, August 2, 2008

My City Screams - Earning Respect The Right Way

This post will be unlike others on This band has no music videos for me to share. I've never heard a complete song by them, so I have no lyrics to share, either. I can't tell you to go out and purchase their album, because they dont have one. What I can share with you, readers of this blog, is a short tale about a guy I met who's just trying to make it work for he and his band.

I was at my local mall yesterday, casually wandering, headed for f.y.e to see what new albums may have come in stores. On my way I got stoppd by a guy I'd never seen before, with white gauges and a Social Distortion tee shirt. He asked me what kind of music I liked, if I listened to local music, and then explained that he was in a local, unsigned band and was going around the mall telling people about the band, trying to hook new listeners and fans. He pulled out an iPod and let me listen to some of their stuff. And I guess you can assume I iked what I heard; why else would I be talking about it on this site?
The guy (named Avery, as I discovered by checking out the band's MySpace the next day) compared their sound to Death Cab for Cutie, but I have to say I liked the sound of his band - My City Screams - much better. A mix of indie, electronic, and acoustics, the whole vibe of the tracks I heard were very, very cool. I could see myself listening to this stuff on a regular basis. I got a chance to listen to their "intro track" and their "single", neither of which I learned the title. I do know that the intro had an almost industrial-metal-meets-techno beat, and that the vocal melodies of their single were beautiful.
Avery explained that My City Screams was in the running against five other unsigned hopefuls to become one of three to open for Panic At The Disco at an upcoming show, and that he was selling My City Screams' first demo at the mall to fund such a gig, should his band be selected to open for Panic!. Regretfully, I didn't have the money on me at the time to purchase the demo. So, since I couldn't support this up-and-coming band with money, I thought the least I could do was spread word-of-mouth about them on my blog.
I'm extremelly happy to see a band actually working for the recognition they desired. In this day and age, it's odd to see something like what Avery was doing; a band actually making an honest effort to get the word out about their music. So many talentless artists these days are getting signed and then just hitching a ride on whatever gig their managers think up - often times drifting away from what they really wanted to do as artists in the first place. I'm proud of Avery for going out of his way to try and make this work for he and his band, and I wish My City Screams the best of luck with getting to open for Panic!. And believe me - that's one show I'd pay to see ;)

So, with no music videos, no lyrics, and no official band websites to share ... the only thing I can offer you, readers, is the link to My City Screams' MySpace. And my own word about this band's talents.

Keep an eye out for these guys; they may be the next great thing.


Savy said...

They're pretty cool. They sort of remind of Metro Station. But I like what they're doing and with a nice studio, a record label and access to more instruments, I see a future for them.

Savy said...

p.s. LOVE the name!