Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lions Roar

I've been listening to The Hush Sound ever since my friend Fed introduced me almost four years ago. Long before they were well known, not that they're especially well known now, which is sad because they're a great band. But the people who do listen to them normally rave about the songs with Greta's vocals like "Wine Red" and "You Are The Moon", and sadly overlook Bob's vocals.

Bob Morris has that DecayDance voice that Pete Wentz loves so much. It seems that Pete signs bands that have vocals somewhat like the vocals of his own band, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, like Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, and Bob Morris of The Hush Sound. But Bob's vocals bring something more, and his lyrics are always like a small fairy tale is being told in his songs.

When I first heard Lions Roar a few years back when I bought their Sophomore album "Like Vines" I think I pressed repeat five times! The song caprtures the sound of a circus gone awry. . .it's "Something Wicked This Way Comes"-esque. You feel like you're in the song, and you're watching it all play out.
When Bob Yells "Everybody Stop!", you're given this jolt, and then the song slowly picks back up into a wonderful instrumental ending.

This is a must listen for everyone who misses that little bit of fiction that used to be brought to most songs, and of course a must listen for any Hush Sound fan who hasn't heard it!


Lions Roar-The Hush Sound

The lions roar and young men soar
The flames all scorch the circus floor
Puppets on strings all dance and sing
Trumpets play sick lullabies

Dellicate dame her fragile face
Was scared away wihtout a trace
Out in the cold, where did she go?
Into unkown a place I'll never. . .

Know and the desperate search began
All across this sea and land
I just knew I'd find you here
I just knew I'd find you here

Elephants rear and young men steer
The audience just claps and cheers
I asked around half empty towns
About a girl nowhere to be found

Oh and the desperate search reran
All across this sea and land
I just knew I'd find you here
I just knew I'd find you here

We did not know, we could not go
The circus songs, just carried on
Out of the crowd three men rushed out
And scream and shout "everybody stop!"


Savy said...

Wow, that was really good. I'm going to have to look up more of Hush Sound's stuff. And I totally agree that he has a Decaydance voice.

cowgirl4christ said...

Oooooh that was fun! =D
I think I've heard it before. I'm not sure if I remember it from when I saw them on the Honda Civic Tour in June ... or if I recognize it from somewhere else ... but I like it a lot! lol
He definitely has a Decaydance voice - the almost-cabaret style sound?
Fun song! <3