Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rescue Me

Hawthorne Heights has had it rough this past year.
In November of 2007, guitarist Casey Calvert was found dead in his bunk on the Hawthorne Heights' tour bus right before sound check of a show. On that average Saturday afternoon, the entire future for this band was put in the balance. Unable to continue their Wintour 2007 lineup, the members of Hawthorne Heights cancelled the rest of the tour and went back home to mourn the loss of their "quirky and awesome" best friend.
At that time, nobody knew whether Hawthorne Heights would be able to come back and continue their career as a band.
Now, not even a year later, Hawthorne Heights has released their third album, Fragile Future. Considered the "most anticipated comeback of 2008", the band's third studio release is a huge accomplishment in a lot of ways.
On August 5th, 2008, the band posted the following bulletin on their official band website:

Hey everyone! Today is the day we've all been waiting for; the release of our third album, Fragile Future! We're very proud of this album because we have put a lot of time and emotion into it. Who would have thought the release of any album would be tantamount to the weight of the world being taken off our shoulders? This record represents us becoming a band once again, and uniting as family to endure some of the worst times imaginable.
For the first time we wrote an entire "album", one cohesive piece of art that extends beyond the music to the layout and even a new perspective on life for us as people. This album and the time that it took to write literally changed who we are. Perhaps it will have as much of a powerful affect on you the listener and observer as it did on us as we made it.
Thank you all so much for sticking by us and supporting us over the years. Without you, this album would have never come out, let alone been made. This CD,
Fragile Future, represents all the tough times we have went through as a band... and we hope that listening to it means as much to you as it does to us.
Love can change your heart. Stay positive.
Love, Hawthorne Heights

This band has really gone above-and-beyond, finding strength, courage, and hope enough to carry on doing what they do, even after such a tragedy struck them. This band is an inspiration, and they deserve every success they have achieved, whether it be with five members or four.

Not really being a "fan" of the band myself, I only know the one song by Hawthorne Heights. It's off their latest album, and is titled Rescue Me. A beautiful song and a spectacular music video, I believe this song really embodies the hurt and the struggle this band has endured - and the glorious victory that's come out of all of it. Hawthorne Heights is back, and in a huge way.
This is Rescue Me.

Hawthorne Heights - Rescue Me Official Music Video

Rescue Me
Hawthorne Heights

Just Breathe
The midnight air will do you well
I miss your taste, I miss your smell
The past mistakes that brought you here
I'll break the fall for you my dear
I'll ask the nurse for bandages
And send me on my way

Rescue me, from, everything
I just wanna live, I wish I could breathe

Every other day
I sit and wait for the same bad news
Can you hear me say
I've got nothing left to lose
Someone please start making sense
And beg the Lord for accidents
I've seen the worst case scenario
Slowly letting go

Rescue me, from, everything
I just wanna live, I wish I could breathe ...

Rest In Peace, Casey Calvert


Amy said...

I was quite the Hawthorne Heights fan a few years ago. I was very sad when I found out that they had lost Casey. If I'm correct I think they have lost a band member before. =[

I can't listen to the song now, but I can't wait [I wasn't aware that theie new album was out already]! I'm sure it's wonderful.