Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bodysnatchers 4 Ever (What's A Pulse Got To Do With It?)

Frank Iero is building up quite the resume.

Coming from humble beginnings in the punk act Pencey Prep and moving into a current and outstanding career in alternative rock band My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero has certainly gotten around in his days as a musician. However, this month marks a milestone for his latest project; the release of LeATHERMOUTH's very first album.

LeATHERMOUTH, another punk act hailing from Jersey and fronted by Iero, has come a long way in a very short amount of time. This is a band which wants to "vent about all the bull***t that I see going on in the world that makes me ill," as Iero put it. He goes on to say; "I try to belabor the topics people want to forget exist. LeATHERMOUTH is where I can vomit out all the aggression that has built up inside."

With their first single off their first album (XO; scheduled release January 27th, 2009), Bodysnatchers 4 Ever does just that. With pure, hardcore adrenaline pumping through the entire song, you can't help but feel any anger or upset inside you fall away while listening. The lyrics - if you can see past the screaming and take them at full value - are powerful, angry; easy to relate to. As a whole, this is music that speaks to people everywhere - of all ages, and of all walks of life. This music brings out in people whatever they're most afraid of, whatever it is they don't want to deal with; LeATHERMOUTH takes that fear and shoves it right in your face. And, after listening, you honestly feel better for it.

Bodysnatchers 4 Ever is a hard-hitting first single from what's sure to be a knockout new band. I encourage you to look up LeATHERMOUTH's other single, Sunsets Are For Muggings, and don't miss your chance to pick up XO on January 27th. I sure know I'll be getting my hands on a copy (:

So, if there's something you've got on your mind, something you need to get off your chest ... prepare for a release.
This is Bodysnatchers 4 Ever, by LeATHERMOUTH.

**EDIT 3.1.09 - LeATHERMOUTH released a music video for this track a while back. I'm sorry I didn't update this post sooner :( However, you can now enjoy the official video for Bodysnatchers 4 Ever. It's pretty much epic. May give certain individuals motion sickness and/or nightmares.
I'm also pleased to report that I purchased XO, and it is simply amazing (: Highly recommended.
After buying the album, I learned that this song actually has a subtitle. This post as been updated accordingly. Sweet deal.

LeATHERMOUTH - Bodysnatchers 4 Ever (What's A Pulse Got To Do With It?) Official Music Video

Bodysnatchers 4 Ever (What's A Pulse Got To Do With It?)

a second chance, take a life, another mission.
to steal a kiss from borrowed lips, i taste your prison
it feels like a lifetime, of leaving bodies on the sidelines.

i swear to God, girl, you're never gonna regret this.
close your eyes, this will only take a second.
though these veins are borrowed,
this heart only beats for you.


their shells disposable, oh so expendable.
shut it, shut it, shut it, shut it out
of your pretty mind,
they never cared for you.

here's our shot to insight a revolution.
they don't deserve to live, we are their evolution.
these veins are borrowed, these shells are borrowed.

a new life after death, it's fucking perfect.
don't you fear, they'll never hurt you darling.
these veins are borrowed, these veins are borrowed.

1, 2, 3, 4!

their shells disposable, oh so expendable.
shut it, shut it, shut it, shut it out.
they never cared for you;
how can you shed a tear?

don't worry old girl.
dry the tears from your eyes.
something better is bound to come around sometime ... let's go.

this face means nothing, these hands feel nothing.
these lungs are empty, and these eyes are blind.
this face means nothing, these hands hold nothing.
i'm here, this heart is yours.

our love never dies.


AliseWay said...

Love this song. Used to have it.

Cassie The Venomous said...

I can't wait for "XO"!! The demos of the songs sound sooo different from the new versions.