Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yngwie Malmsteen

The name's a bit of a tongue twister no? Just to get you started here's how you pronounce this guy's name, Ying-Wee Malm-Steen.

Now, who exactly is he?
A metal guitarist with the heart of a classical composer. Think of every variation of metal guitar you've heard to date, and then think even farther, you've got Yngwie and his amazing style.

He was trained classically as a child and went on to perform heavy metal guitar music, but what I'm interested in is his Symphonic Metal. He has composed classical concertos and symphonies for electric guitar and entire orchestras.
This is what classical music has evolved to for him...and it's amazing.

I discovered him when a friend gave me a CD with some of his classical tracks, I fell in love...this stuff is awesome.

I really don't want to say too much though, other than of course that you must listen!
Form your own opinion, I'd love to hear it. This is less a review and more me introducing you to his music and wanting to know what you think of it.

I think it's something else!


Cavallino Rampante (LIVE)-Yngwie Malmsteen and the Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra


Savy said...

Wow that was so cool! It reminded me of the guy in South Street Seaport who played the electric violin. Remember, Frank Iero on violin? Well I think this guy is amazing, too. I love when rock and metal is mixed with classical. That's why I love bands like Evanescence and Nightwish.

cowgirl4christ said...

oh my god, that was simply stunning.


i loved that. wow. just, gorgeous.

SessionCat said...

Nice - thanks!

p.s.... (actually, it's pronounced "Ing-Vay") ;^)

•¦Amy¦• said...

Oh, I totally remember Frank on Violin xD

Ooops! Thanks for the info :]

C.L. Dawn Yang said...

Love it! Its a classic music revolution.