Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm game!

Cowgirl this sounds like an awesome idea, if I get the time I'll definately post on here! I agree completly, I dunno where I would be in life without my music, ok I'll be honest I dunno if I'd still be in life without my music, it's so just...such an everything for me. I'm not extreamly opinionated but I have a good ear with music so I can definately add in here any flaws someone forgot to fix : D

In my opinion the song really has to have it all to be amazing. I mean, I couldn't even tell you the most important thing in a song to me, as far as lyrics, tune, backgroud, instruments, it all just has to fit perfectly to be a number one. I'm open to new music and sounds of course, my friend just got me into techno and I'd never really given it a chance but I really enjoy it! And this Italian group, they're really cool too. So I'm open to new ideas and would love anyone's opinons of groups to check out.

Personally my fovrite sound is the loud guitars paired with sweet piano, duh, think Evanescence meets Skillet, you got it. So that's me, but Toby definately rocks and some other hip hop is alright, I was in a hip hop phase a little while ago. Love slow songs, of course, love guitars, and really really love the unhuman little effects they add in stuff, computerized sounds. I'm puting together an album of my own actually, Reno's gonna rock someday, so that's taking up a lot of my time but I absolutely love it so it's all good, naturally. So that's me, what about anyone else???


Anonymous said...

girlie im gunna b @ all ur concerts-itll rock beyond the tallest rock lol