Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TobyMac - Dare To Be Different

What's the best way to describe Toby McKeehan?? This artist, better known as TobyMac, and his music are anything but ordinary, and I think Tonya Parker Morrison summed them up best in her article she wrote about TobyMac in the American Chronicle (August 22, 2005; read the entire article here):

If Christian pop, hip hop and rap had a child, the offspring would most certainly be Toby McKeehan, better known as tobyMac.

You said it, girl. TobyMac has "wow"-ed listeners of all musical preferences with his inspiring and always fun songs. But what's so appealing about this artist??
I believe TobyMac's greatest strength is the diversity of his music, as Morrison pointed out. TobyMac's songs are one of a kind, mixing hip-hop beats with rap vocals. These are definantly songs you can listen to over and over again, without them ever getting old.

I am a new TobyMac fan; Reno made me a mixed CD of songs from albums Diverse City and Portable Sounds, and those songs have been rockin' on my iPod ever since. Before Reno's enlightenment, I was a fan of some of TobyMac's old tracks; Atmosphere (Remix) and Gone were my favorites, and I still enjoy them. Also a fan of the Christian group Superchic[k], I loved the rap accompaniment TobyMac recorded in Superchic[k]'s song, Stories (Down To The Bottom).
Some of my current TobyMac favs include Diverse City, Boomin', I'm For You, No Ordinary Love, Feelin' So Fly, Ignition, Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisie), and Made To Love.

But as much good as I can say about this artist, the best way to appreciate TobyMac is by hearing one of his songs yourself. So, here it is, the music video for TobyMac's Boomin' - one of my favorite songs.

TobyMac - Boomin' Music Video

Like whatcha hear?? I encourage you to check out some more of TobyMac's music; this group really is one in a million.
And if you didn't like this song? Don't worry. No two TobyMac songs are the some research, and check out some other Toby tracks. I can guarantee that this artist's diversity will not leave you disappointed.


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